Graffiti removal service

Graffiti can be offensive, cause damage to property and make communities look untidy and uncared for.

Levels of vandalism and graffiti are decreasing across Aberdeenshire and the local authority and partner agencies are committed to making sure that downward trend continues.

Aberdeenshire Council and its community planning partners have secured funding, through the community safety budget, to offer a free graffiti removal service for members of the public and businesses.

Last year, the free service was used to clear away 70 incidents of graffiti across Aberdeenshire including 16 in Peterhead, 13 in Stonehaven and nine in Westhill.

Chairman of the Aberdeenshire Community Planning Partnership, Cllr Jim Gifford, said: “Mindless graffiti can be distressing for people whose property is affected and is a blight on our communities.

“This service is free for members of the public and businesses and I would urge anybody who has been affected by graffiti in the Aberdeenshire area to contact us.”

Anyone affected by graffiti can report it to Aberdeenshire Council’s Wasteline on 0845 600 3900 or text 07624 802 722, giving details of the location of the graffiti.