Green light given for new houses

A Deeside estate has won qualified approval for two new houses to be built south-east of Aboyne, but Aberdeenshire councillors felt there must be an approved water supply before they gain final planning permission.

The twin applications, from Ballogie Estate Enterprises, Ballogie, Aboyne, came before a meeting of the Marr Area Committee on March 29 at Huntly.

The council’s planning service had recommended that final approval of the two applications should be delegated to the head of Planning and Building Standards, subject to conditions.

But Birse and Ballogie Community Council, in a letter, expressed concern that the proposed houses would be part of a group of 15 homes planned by the estate, to be developed over “a long period of time, which would cause nuisance to neighbours and additional traffic on narrow roads.”

Other objectors raised the issue of poor water supplies in the area.

In a report, the planning service said it would be unreasonable to refuse the proposals simply because there “may be others pending” and the report also said one of the conditions for planning approval would be that an approved public water supply should be connected to the new buildings.

They recommended delegated approval.

During debate on the issue, Councillor Marcus Humphrey said the area concerned was “a very attractive stretch of road” and he would not like to see it spoiled in the future by ribbon development.

Councillor Linda Clark’s concern was about the problems with water supply to the area. She said that between last Christmas and new year she had been contacted by several people living in the Ballogie area “in a terrible state, with no water.” She said she was very concerned about the situation and would not support any move to grant permission for new houses, without assurances that they would be connected to a public water supply.

Councillor Karen Clark said there was a lot of local concern about the issue and asked if they could defer a decision until the water and house design could be sorted out.

However, councillor Jill Webster said she was quite happy to go with the planners’ recommendation, which included a condition about water supply but the committee would need more details about a number of issues when the application came back to them for full planning permission.

The committee members agreed to grant approval in principle (outline) but agreed also that the applicant should provide more details about water supply, design and other questions when the proposals came back for full permission.