Gym staff still in the dark about final pay

Banchory Curves: Closed since mid-June
Banchory Curves: Closed since mid-June

A popular gym in Banchory has closed down abruptly, leaving staff without their final month’s pay and members frustrated.

The Banchory branch of Curves - the world-wide fitness franchise tailored for women - closed its doors on Tuesday, June 15.

Staff were told by the owners at around 7.30 pm, and informed at the same time that they would not be receiving their last month of pay, but that they would receive a letter shortly.

Three weeks on, Companies House has confirmed that Banchory Leisure Ltd, the company name Banchory Curves operated under, has applied to be dissolved, and staff have still recived no letter.

Doris Smith, circuit coach at the gym, said: “We’ve been completely let down and hung out to dry.

“And in that last month that we weren’t paid I did almost twice as many hours as normal to cover holidays.

“I’ve got a holiday coming up myself, and that money was supposed to go towards that.”

Meanwhile, gym members were left to find out about the closure by either going to the gym where a sign asked them to cancel their standing orders, or by being told by other members.

Member Debbie Joy said: “I heard through the grapevine that it had closed down but I didn’t receive an email from them, so I was quite annoyed to get an email from Westhill Curves asking me to become a member there.

“I’d never join another Curves because there’s no way of knowing it wouldn’t happen again.”

When contacted by the Piper, Curves EU said: “We regret this situation but are not in a position to comment on any possible action being taken.”

The owners of Banchory Curves were unavailable for comment at the time of going to press.