Halloween and bonfire night appeal

Colorful Fireworks
Colorful Fireworks

Grampian Police is encouraging Aberdeenshire residents to have the safest and most enjoyable Halloween and Bonfire Night possible.

Crime reduction officers have outlined some tips to help everyone keep safe and secure.

Crime reduction officer Andrew Rankin, said: “The past few years have seen Halloween and Bonfire Night pass fairly quietly but there are still residents affected by a minority who behave anti-socially and ruin what should be a fun and family-orientated time of the year.

Halloween is exciting for young people who enjoy dressing up and it is a minority of young people that go too far with ‘trick or treating’.

However this time of year can be disturbing, particularly for vulnerable elderly people living on their own, who did not celebrate Halloween in this way when they were young.”

Grampian Police is also keen to ensure that grown ups have a safe weekend with many people due to be attending Halloween parties or events.

Constable Rankin said: “Our advice is the same as any weekend in that public transport should always be considered and drink driving avoided. Only take out small amounts of cash from ATM machines, consider the weather conditions and stay in well-lit areas.”

Around Bonfire Night Aberdeenshire officers say they will be taking action against any anti-social behaviour, fire-raising or inappropriate use of fireworks.

Police and Community Wardens ask people to consider the feelings of others this Halloween and Bonfire Night and appeal to parents to ensure children behave in a sensible way.

Mike Cordiner of Grampian Fire and Rescue Service’s Risk Reduction team said: “I’d urge people to attend official events as these are usually stewarded and safer to take children to. Unofficial bonfires can quickly get out of control causing injury and property damage.

“It’s a busy time of year for the fire and rescue service and antisocial wilful fires can lead to delays in our response to genuine life-threatening incidents.”