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Scott Skinner Sign discrepancy
Scott Skinner Sign discrepancy

A Banchory sign commemorating the famous fiddler, James Scott Skinner, puts his birth 10 days after accepted historical sources.

The graffiti strewn sign at the entrance of Banchory’s commemorative Scott Skinner Square lists the musician’s life as starting on August 15, 1843, which contradicts the August 5 date backed by the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, (ODNB) Aberdeen University sources, Electric Scotland and the Banchory Museum.

However the sign’s inaccuracy is also present on the Strathspey Kings grave in Allanvale Cemetery, Aberdeen.

Local historian, Daniel MacCannell, said: “I can understand why the sign-makers might have copied the gravestone rather than the ODNB, but other than the gravestone, there is not other easily accessible evidence for a birthdate of August 15.

‘‘It is, of course, possible that he was born on the fifth and baptised onthe 15th, hence the confusion.”