Academy bans drinks over high caffeine concern

Energy drinks ban
Energy drinks ban

A ban on high caffeine energy drinks has been implemented by Banchory Academy after concerns were raised over health risks.

The ban is the result of concerns that the high caffeine content could have detrimental effects on young people.

Banchory Academy’s Health and Wellbeing Group has been working on the new policy, which is now in place within the school grounds, for the last few months.

The decision to look into the matter was triggered by the media coverage earlier this year concerning energy drinks.

In June 2014, teachers across Scotland called for a ban on the sale of energy drinks to children under the age of 16.

The Banchory Academy group conducted research into brands on sale in local shops and the caffeine conent of the drinks.

After analysing this information it was decided that an energy drink ban would be introduced in the school grounds due to potential health risks and the impact the drinks were having on learning and teaching.

All Banchory pupils received a presentation on the potential risks of energy drinks after the policy was given the go-ahead by the senior management team.

Rector Mrs Sheila Di Maio said: “Recent publications have indicated that consuming such drinks can have serious effects on the body, ranging from palpitations, agitation, and numbness to gastrointestinal upset. All of these symptoms can clearly have a negative impact on both learning and wellbeing.”

A series of posters highlighting the ban will be displayed around the school.

Mrs Di Maio added: “Anyone bringing one of the listed drinks into school will have it confiscated and be encouraged to drink water instead.”

The new policy has so far met with a positive reaction from the community.