Free neutering offer from Deeside charity

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The Deeside branch of Cats Protection has launched a free neutering campaign in the area thanks to a legacy donated to the charity.

Deeside, one of the smallest branches of Cats Protection, has been gifted a sum of money by the Outer Aberdeen branch.

The money is being used to promote the importance of neutering, as it was stipulated that the donation be used to run a free neutering campaign in order to reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens.

Liz Robinson of Deeside Cats Protection said: “We may live in an affluent area but there is also a huge number of people in the area who are on the breadline or below .

“These people love their animals and just want the best for them but vet bills can be high and neutering is one of them. This is why we would like to offer the residents of Deeside the opportunity to get their cat or kitten neutered.”

It is hoped that the campaign will promote the importance of neutering for the health and welfare of cats.

Cats Protection is working with Woodside Vets in Torphins to provide the free neutering service, as well as reduced offers on microchipping and worming of cats and kittens. Donations towards the branch are always welcome.