Greatest losers become winners

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A group of local slimmers are proving they’re winners at the losing game after shedding 20 stone.

The four Deeside ladies have been named Aboyne and Banchorys Slimming World ‘Greatest Loser’s 2015’.

Linda Grassick, Gillian Littlejohn, Claire Anderson and Sheila Urquhart all won the title, which is awarded to the members of the Aboyne and Banchory Slimming World groups who have lost the most weight.

Nicola Gardyne, who runs the Aboyne group, commented: “They feel like new women since losing weight. In fact, they look so different that people who haven’t seen them for a while often can’t believe they are the same people.

“For them though it’s the change on the inside that’s been the biggest – they are happier, healthier and much more confident now.”

The local ladies agreed that walking through the doors to their first Slimming World meetings was one of the hardest things they had ever had to do.

One said: “I was embarrassed about my size and scared that I might be the biggest person there. I needn’t have worried though, everyone there was so friendly especially my consultant, and I was so relieved when I found out that my weight was confidential – I’d had visions of having to tell everyone how much I weighed!”

Nicola praised the group’s success, saying: “The changes we’ve seen in the ladies are incredible – as are they. I hope their success will inspire other people in Banchory and Aboyne who’d like to lose weight.”

There are 12,000 Slimming World groups across the country and each will host their own Greatest Loser 2015 competition.

All the winners are now in the running to win a £3000 cash prize for as a reward for all their hard work.

Another local winner said: “I would love to win but I didn’t lose weight to win a competition, I wanted to feel healthier and better about myself and I’ve definitely done that. I feel great and that’s priceless.”