Susie ‘cheques’ in

Cheque presentation.
Cheque presentation.

Back in October 2013 a family friend was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and ,as it was approaching Susie Forsyth’s 40th birthday, she thought she would like to raise some money as a thank you for the help and support given to the family and to help others in the future.

She decided to organise a wee party and ,as she felt she didn’t need birthday parcels, she would ask for donations towards Breast Cancer/Research.

On January 25, with the help of her friends, she organised a buffet followed by a disco in the McRobert Hall, Tarland ,and a” good nicht was hid by all”.

At her party, Susie collected donations of £836.99, the profit from her bar (manned by volunteers) £1861.69 and the commission from her friend’s perfume party of £85 giving a grand total of £2783.68.

At the moment ,Aberdeen Royal Infirmary are raising money to replace a vital piece of equipment - a “Cyclotrone” - which is a special instrument used to make the material for a PET Scan.

PET scans are used to diagnose cancers and to determine if they have spread. It is also very important for research into how tumours grow and spread and is used for breast cancer research in Aberdeen.

Susie’s money is going towards this worthy cause.

She said: ‘‘A big thank you to all who helped make the night a memorable, wonderful success and thanks again for all the generous donations.