Heirloom handed over

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The chief of Clan Farquharson and 16th Laird of Invercauld, Captain Alwyne Faquharson, has presented a 178 year-old clan heirloom, on behalf of the clan, to Braemar Castle. The artefact, known as a ‘marital pipe banner’, displays the arms of James 12th Laird of Invercauld and his bride, Janet Hamilton Dundas, and marks their marriage in 1833. Pipe banners were, and still are, used by the personal pipers of chiefs and lairds and are slanted across the top to fit the long bass drone so that the banner hangs down the piper’s back.

The banner was discovered last year at an auction in Edinburgh and was bought by Clan Farquharson.

Over the winter, the clan set about the expensive business of restoring the banner. This specialist work cost £2,400, all raised through donations from clan members.

Braemar Castle is the seat of Clan Farquharson and the banner will be on long term loan at the castle.

It will be displayed in the Clan Farquharson room at the castle from this weekend (August 13).

Accepting the banner on behalf of Braemar Community Ltd, Chairman Simon Blackett said: “We are delighted to become custodians of such an important piece of the history of the Clan Chiefs.”