Hill of Banchory School gets positive report

A Banchory school has has been praised by education inspectors for its “well behaved, highly-motivated and confident children.”

Hill of Banchory School and Nursery Class was inspected recently and key strengths highlighted by HM Inspector Alasdair Eadie included particularly well-behaved, highly motivated and confident children who are proud of their school and community; outstanding leadership of the headteacher, commitment and teamwork of all staff in taking forward continuous school improvement; the contribution of parents and other partners in extending and enriching children’s learning; the use of ICT to involve parents, children and staff in school improvement and sharing achievement; the impact of the high and increasing expectations held by all staff, children and their parents, for all children’s learning and achievement.

The report states that children’s writing is particularly strong.

“They take pride in their work and have high expectations because they see so many excellent examples of writing on display,” says the report.

It also says children’s understanding and application of mathematics is very sound.

“In all classes they benefit from many practical activities that apply what they have learned about numbers, measuring or shapes.”

Councillor Jill Webster (Banchory and Mid Deeside) said: “This really is an outstanding report and the head, staff, pupils and parents must be justifiably proud.

“It is difficult to single out any individual point as there are so many very positive issues raised regarding all aspects of the school, but I must say I was very pleased indeed to see such good reports regarding reading writing and maths. “These are areas I have been keen for the local authority to focus on increasing attainment in ‘Shire wide and it is clear Hill of Banchory are already excelling in this.

“It is very evident there is an ethos of innovative practice in the school and it is wonderful that the HMIE inspectors would like to visit again in order to roll this out more widely elsewhere.

“Under the very strong leadership of the head and the teamwork of staff, pupils and parents, Hill of Banchory is clearly offering the very best education we could hope for.”