Hip-hopping for Hannah’s charity

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A mother whose daughter was born with a rare syndrome which prevents her having children - the only girl in the UK born with the condition in 2002 - is helping organise a hip hop show to raise funds for charity.

Judy Robertson’s daughter Hannah Gordon, nine, was born with Turner syndrome (TS), a chromosome abnormality affecting only females, caused by the complete or partial deletion of the X-chromosome. Girls and women affected often have a wide range of different medical symptoms and characteristics. However, two characteristics occur in almost all cases of TS - being shorter than average in height and a lack of development of the ovaries, leading to infertility.

Back in December, the Piper exclusively reported how Judy, of Deeview Road, Banchory, had considered freezing her eggs to donate to Banchory Primary School pupil Hannah, to give her the option of having children when she is older.

Hannah, who has older brother Logan, 12, doesn’t grow at the normal rate of children her age and since she was four, has been taking a growth hormone.

The hip hop event will be held from 6pm to 9pm on Saturday, April 21, at Banchory Town Hall. It is being organised by Judy and MC (Millennium Child), Hannah’s hip-hop teacher and the Banchory Academy hip hop school which runs from 11.30am to 1pm on Saturdays. Monies raised will be split between the Turner Syndrome Support Society, Children 1st and new items for the hip hop school. Tickets, costing £5, are available from Judy on (01330) 826117 or at: j.robertson82@btinternet.com. There will be performances from Deeside Dance School hip hop group, Banchory Academy and Aboyne groups. All are welcome.

Judy is on a mission to spread awareness of the condition and since the story broke in the Piper - and subsequently in national papers - people have offered to undertake fundraising events on behalf of the charity.