Instructor’s plea to motorists

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A driving instructor is urging motorists in Deeside and Donside to take greater responsibility for their driving before they become an accident statistic.

David Trigger knows all too well how quickly tragedy can strike after his daughter Dana-Leigh died in a horrific car crash near Banchory in July 2008.

The 22-year-old dental nurse was killed after swerving to avoid a deer in her path on the Inchmarlo to Glassel road. Her car collided with a tree and landed on its roof.

Mr Trigger said he frequently watched people driving whilst on their mobile phones, speeding through 20mph or 30mph zones outside schools - particularly in Raemoir Road, Banchory - and he had even reported one driver to the police for overtaking him whilst beeping their horn in a 20mph zone in Banchory.

“I spend my working life teaching predominantly young people to drive - more importantly to drive safely - and other instructors are doing the same,” said Mr Trigger. “Along with other road safety initiatives, we are pleased that collision statistics are now showing a marked improvement in our community, however collisions still occur - from minor bumps to fatalities - so I would like to appeal to all drivers, young and old, to drive with greater responsibility.

“I frequently see drivers using mobile phones, from van drivers to mothers with children - it is unacceptable. Parking on double yellow lines - unacceptable.

“I also see other drivers speeding and cutting corners on right turns. It only takes a second or two longer to turn correctly. Is taking a risk worth it for two seconds of time?

“The same applies to speeding. Set off earlier and allow more time for your journey.”

“The speed limits are there for safety reasons. People get annoyed when a driver speeds past their house, yet the same person will do the same thing outside someone else’s house.

“My pupils and I are often overtaken in 30mph zones. The flashing ‘20’ signs at schools are blatantly ignored, frequently by mothers, and drivers even go through zebra crossings when the kids are waiting to cross.

“You people know who you are. I am certain some of you will recognise yourselves from what I am saying. If your parent or partner drives like this then speak up - it’s your safety that is being compromised. No-one is prepared to speak up like this but I am, so come on, change how you drive.

“Drivers of all ages, male and females, need to do so with a greater sense of responsibility and safety.

“I will be happy to discuss these issues with anyone who wishes to do so. I know what it’s like to lose someone from a road traffic collision. Believe me, you don’t want it to happen to you or your family. You also don’t want to be the cause of such a loss to another family.”