Issues raised at public meeting

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A number of issues - including reducing the existing speed limit on the A980 Raemoir Road for northbound traffic to 30mph - are being followed up after a public meeting.

The Banchory-based meeting was organised by local councillor Karen Clark (Banchory and Mid Deeside) and was held to discuss road safety concerns at the Upper Lochton junction as well as a range of issues arising from the Crow’s Nest landfill site.

Council officials from waste management, infrastructure services and the roads service were on hand to answer a variety of questions from residents on the evening of Tuesday, February 21.

Those who attended included Ralph Singleton, Aberdeenshire Council’s principal engineer for the Marr Area, Donald Raymond from the council’s infrastructure services department and Andrew Sheridan, the council’s principal waste officer.

Councillor Clark said: “It was a well-attended meeting and it gave residents the opportunity to speak directly to the relevant council officers about issues that are clearly very important to them.

“We covered a wide range of topics including the ongoing capping programme to stop the odour at the Crow’s Nest, road repairs and upgrading of the access road to the landfill site, traffic movements to and from the proposed new waste transfer station and concerns over the safety of the junction itself.

“A number of key actions are being followed up after this meeting. These measures include reducing the existing speed limit on the A980 Raemoir Road for northbound traffic to 30mph, extending street lighting to Upper Lochton from Raemoir Road and the installation of electronic speed warning signs.

“I am hopeful we can make progress and go some way to reassuring residents that Aberdeenshire Council do take their views seriously.”

Councillor Linda Clark (Banchory and Mid Deeside), who also attended the meeting, said: “This meeting with the residents of Upper Lochton was a very welcome chance to talk with them and directly to the officers regarding their concerns.

“My colleague, Councillor Karen Clark, has covered the road and traffic issues. For my part, I have been raising the Crow’s Nest issue over many years and will continue to do so until we have the positive resolution we need.

“I arranged a site visit late last year when my colleagues and I met with the waste officers and the consultants at Crow’s Nest.

“The waste management officers explained fully the measures being taken by the council regarding capping etc. These have, in part, brought some degree of success. “However the situation is not resolved entirely and the surrounding neighbours are still suffering as a result.

“The officers did give some realistic assurances that the situation at present is managed as best it can be. They were unable to achieve their main objective of having the whole area capped this year, as conditions onsite did not allow for the consultants to continue and so a decision was made to stop the work and re-start in the spring.

“The senior waste manager Andy Sheridan will meet with the consultants in April to re-assess the situation and will make the appropriate plan of action.

“I will be monitoring this issue closely and can assure residents that I am acutely aware of how bad this odour is, as I live in a direct line above the site.

I run, walk and cycle via the woods around Upper Lochton regularly and experience it first-hand.

“I am in contact with Mr Sheridan and his colleagues and advise them when the situation is at its worst.

“I would assure the residents, this contact will be ongoing till the outome we all deserve is achieved.”