It’s all looking Rosie for Nicol and Corrie

Nicol and Corrie
Nicol and Corrie

In our modern world it can be easy to be cynical about love and there are many who would tell us good old fashioned romance, is dead.

However, every now and then something happens that puts a Rosie tint in the eye of even the most hard hearted amongst us.

Nicol Rosie 22, and new wife Corrie 20, did just that last week when they surprised their friends and family by eloping to Gretna Green.

The pair tied the knot on their 7 year anniversary, September 18 and while the wedding may have lacked the material splendour of many modern wedding’s the newly weds only needed each other to make the day special.

Nicol said: “We thought it would be quirky and interesting, and make it less of a show and more about us.”

Gretna Green is one of the world’s most popular wedding destinations, hosting over 5,000 weddings each year in the area, with an average of one in every six Scottish weddings taking place there.

The history of Gretna’s famous ‘runaway marriages’ began in 1754 when Lord Hardwicke’s Marriage Act came into force in England.

Under the Act, if a parent of a minor (a person under the age of 21 at the time) objected, they could prevent the marriage going ahead.

The Act did not apply in Scotland so Gretna being the first town over the border became the first stop for young footloose romantics to declare their love in law.

Fortunately Mr and Mrs Rosie had no such objections from parents and chose elopement rather than being forced into it.

Nicol said: “Our families took it brilliantly, we were a bit worried about the reaction, but everyone has been incredibly happy for us, although most didn’t believe us at first, once we proved it, they all said they expected us to do something like this! Corrie’s Mother and Step Dad stay out in Australia so we’re looking to visit them and travel, as part of a honeymoon.