Jim Murphy scrambles back after egg attack


Shadow Secretary of State for International Development, Jim Murphy, cancelled and has now restarted his ‘100 towns in 100 days’ tour.

OnTuesday last week, the Labour MP was in Banchory along with Liberal Democrat MP Sir Robert Smith and Tory candidate Alexander Burnett, to spread the message of the Better Together campaign.

His 100 towns Irn Bru crate roadshow has reached leg 87 after being suspended over the weekend, as Mr Murphy recovered from the trauma of being heckled and hit by an egg last Friday.

The pro-Independence campaign has condemned all abusive behaviour.

At the time, Piper reader Morag Martin said: “I seem to remember an egg not stopping John Prescott...if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!”

Mr Murphy temporarily halted further events on Friday, citing “co-ordinated abuse” from “Yes” voters.

Several hundred people turned out to see the pro-Union politician re-start his tour in Edinburgh this week, including a journalist wearing a chicken costume!

The event in the Scottish capital was attended by dozens of “No” supporters, as well as media crews and photographers.

Yes Scotland, the official campaign for independence, previously said it condemned “all forms of abusive, dangerous and offensive behaviour”.

Police Scotland confirmed that they were holding talks on security with Better Together chairman Alistair Darling.