Launch of breast cancer campaign

NHS Grampian is supporting the new Scottish Government Detect Breast Cancer Early programme which was launched this week.

The campaign aims to improve cancer survival rates by increasing the proportion of Scots diagnosed in the earliest stages of the disease, when a better range of treatment can be made available to patients.

Former patient Christine Walker, from Lumphanan, is very positive about her experience from screening through to her recently completed radiotherapy.

She said: “My cancer was picked up during routine screening and dealt with very quickly. I felt confident from the outset that it could not have been there more than the three years since my previous visit.

“It is very important that women get checked at the earliest possible opportunity when life saving treatment has the best chance of success. Too often cancers are not detected early enough and that means poor survival rates. I would encourage anyone to act quickly if they notice any unusual changes to their body and make an appointment with their GP at the earliest opportunity. “

One in nine women in Scotland will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime, and experts agree needs to be done to inform and educate women on spotting the possible signs of breast cancer.

Research has shown that many women are not aware that lumps are not the only sign of breast cancer.

Breast care nurse Sheila Ingram added: “It is important women of all ages are breast aware. The majority of breast symptoms turn out to have a benign cause. The risk of having breast cancer increases with age and in particular after the menopause. However women of all ages who notice a new breast symptom should consult their GP.”

To find out more about cancer and the signs of breast cancer, contact NHS Inform by phoning 0800 22 44 88 or log on to​