Law graduate opens brewery in Deeside

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A Deeside law graduate has opened his own brewery after being inspired to experiment by his grandfather.

Lewis Shand, 25, who lives in Tarland, decided to expand on his hobby and formed Brewmeister towards the end of last year.

Lewis has put his law career on hold as he aims to make Brewmeister a household name around local pubs.

The passion for brewing, however, has been in the family for generations.

Lewis said: “I did a lot of home brewing when I was young. My grandfather got me into it. He became interested in brewing when he visited Germany years ago and he brought back recipes and yeast.

“I first started making my own beer when I was around 16, mainly because I was too young to buy alcohol from a shop, but the first batches I made were horrendous!”

Last summer, while tasting a number of beers around the West coast of Scotland, Lewis decided that he was going to take brewing more seriously and began the search to find a suitable location for a small brewery.

Although two other friends initially decided to back the idea they pulled out leaving Lewis to start the business on his own.

He was adamant that the brewery would be based in Deeside and found the ideal spot at an isolated building within Kincardine O’Neil.

Lewis said: “The reason I wanted the brewery to be in Deeside is because of the quality of water, and this is what makes a really good beer.

“I think many people now want a beer that is quite unique with a local twist so I’m hoping people in Deeside are going to like it.”

The first two beers to be released from Brewmeister are currently in production.

The Deeside Pale Ale is a light refreshing beer made with pale malt, wheat and crystal malt while the Lochnagar Spray is a rich amber spray, based on an idea from Lewis’s grandfather.

The former Aboyne Academy pupil says he has received a lot of interest from local pubs but talks are still at an early stage.

“The initial feedback has been positive and I am already coming up with ideas about what to do next,” Lewis said. “In the near future we will be holding a taster session at the Strachan’s of Deeside store and also plan to host the Banchory Beer Festival this summer.”

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