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Charity’s thanks - The Big Toddle

Sir - On behalf of Barnardo’s, I’d like to say a big thank you to all the toddlers from the Aberdeen city and the Aberdeenshire area who took part in our Big Toddle events in 2014. Together they raised an amazing £8009 to help fund our vital work with under-fives and their families.

Nurseries, playgroups and parents all got involved in organising events helping little ones to dress up as creatures from outer space, revealing the generosity and enthusiasm of people in Aberdeen city and Aberdeenshire including Aboyne, Huntly and Insch for helping other families.

Of course, I’m sure those taking part had great fun too. Children love dressing up and if they thought our 2014 ‘outer space’ theme was fun, I am sure our theme for 2015 – pirates – will be a great success.

Anyone interested in taking part in the next Big Toddle – now in its 19th year - can find everything they need by visiting www.bigtoddle.co.uk or calling 0800 008 7005.

Yours etc.,

Martin Crew,

Director of Barnardo’s Scotland

election report -Apparently unaware

Sir - I have received a West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine Election Report from Alexander Burnett who is the Conservative Candidate for the Constituency. Mr Burnett is apparently unaware that in the UK we have had a Conservative-Liberal Democrat Coalition Government since 2010 and that such things as the significant increase in income tax personal allowances and the triple lock on state pensions for senior citizens were included in the 2010 Liberal Democrat Manifesto and then in the Coalition Agreement.

Mr. Burnett is also somewhat out in his UK General Election Analysis.

As for votes collapsing for good in Scotland, in my lifetime the Conservatives once polled over half the votes in Scotland with 35 MPs elected, whereas recently the Conservatives have polled less than half that percentage with only one MP elected and the LibDems have had 11 Scottish MPs since 2005.

This includes two Cabinet Ministers since 2010. At by-elections since 2010, the Conservatives have failed to see off UKIP in the two constituencies they were defending whereas the LibDems defeated all-comers, including UKIP and the Conservatives, in the only constituency they were defending.

Similarly, in West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, a look at all the General Election results since the Constituency’s inception will confirm that the LibDems are best placed to see off any SNP challenge.

Yours etc.,

Dr. Alexander S. Waugh

Pantoch Gardens,


car damaged -Lack of conscience?

Sir - Several months ago, when I was parked in the ARI car park, I observed a very large four-wheel drive vehicle being reversed into the wing of another car. The driver, realising the damage she’d done, proceeded to park in an area of the car park some distance from the car she had damaged. I made a note of her registration and left it – along with my contact details – under the windscreen wiper of the very modest but badly damaged car. Since I heard nothing further, I assume the offending driver accepted liability and there was no need of a witness. All that was left for me to do was hope that someone might do the same if they ever saw my car on the “receiving end” of such carelessness.

On the morning of Wednesday, February 18, I was parked in Raemoir Garden Centre when someone did, indeed, damage my car. Clearly, there had been a misjudgement of the size of parking space available resulting in the bumper and wheel arch of my car being “scraped”. Disappointingly, the driver who had caused the damage did not leave me his/her details and, clearly, there was no public-spirited witness who could provide information. I have been advised that the repair will cost £120. The repair is necessary if I am to avoid corrosion of the affected area which would only result in further expense for a car-proud pensioner. Clearly, the driver who caused the damage had/has no intention of paying for any repair BUT I would hope that this letter might “prick his/her conscience”. Can I suggest that he/she make a contribution – of say £120 – to charity? My personal choice would be “Children in Need” but I wouldn’t expect my choice to be of much interest.

Yours etc.,

Mrs Ella Egan,

Raemoir Road, Banchory

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