Lions support charity project out in Angola

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Charity work in Africa by oil service firm ThinJack Ltd has gained the support of Donside community organisation Westhill Lions.

ThinJack Ltd is involved in an ongoing project to provide educational opportunities for some of Angola’s poorest children at A Colina Do Saber School in Angola.

The school was set up in 2007 by local man Kisuka Baltazar who is gradually funding improvements using contributions from his own salary and donations from oil and gas companies working in Angola, including ThinJack Ltd.

As well as raising awareness of the cause in the UK, the company sends regular consignments of stationery for use in the school and the project recently received a welcome financial boost thanks to a grant from the Westhill Lions.

Lions spokesperson Ian Bedwell said: “Westhill Lions have been very pleased to support ThinJack because this imaginative and dedicated fundraising really makes a difference to the school the company supports.

“We found Guy Bromby’s presentation to us very informative and gave a great insight into the problems facing the people who are involved with such initiatives and the determination they show in overcoming them.”

ThinJack Ltd director Guy Bromby added: “We are very grateful to the Westhill Lions for their generous help with this project and we hope that other organisations will be inspired to add their support.”

Anyone who would like to find about more about the school project in Angola should contact Guy at or call ThinJack Ltd on 01224 330645.