Local house hunters go for ‘peace and quiet’

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A new survey has revealed that Aberdonians put peace and quiet at the top of the list when it comes to finding a home, according to a new house-hunters’ survey published last week.

The report, which was commissioned by Saint-Gobain Glass the manufacturers of Planitherm Glass, revealed the turn-ons and turn-offs for house hunters in the area. A quiet street came up trumps with over 60 per cent of prospective buyers putting it at the top of their wish list.

Some 2000 adults who have moved in the last two years, or who are currently house hunting, took part in the national survey which identified that good parking, a well-maintained lawn and attractive properties with big windows with double glazing are high up on the wish list for Aberdonians.


The survey highlighted that those living in Aberdeen were particularly concerned about how a home looks from the outside – the survey found that homes with untidy lawns, overgrown bushes and bins left outside were particularly off-putting.

Craig Dodsworth, residential market manager at Planitherm, said: “It’s clear that when it comes to finding the right place to live, noise levels and outside appearance are important factors in making a house feel more comfortable.

“First impressions are always crucial and the results show that there are many pitfalls that can lead a person to feel they don’t like a house before they even step in the door.”

According to the survey, over 62 per cent of Aberdonians feel that others will judge them on how their house looks, and 60 per cent think that the look of the neighbours’ houses is crucial in the decision-making process. It seems that good quality windows are one of the most important factors in making the outside of a house look more desirable, with half of those surveyed saying good quality windows were top of their list.

Top 10 Aberdonian property positives

1. A quiet street

2. Good parking

3.A well maintained lawn

4. Big windows with double glazing

5. Friendly neighbours

6. Neighbours house looks well maintained

7. Fruit trees in the garden

8. A nice car in the driveway

9. A conservatory

10. Large trees in garden

Top 10 Aberdonian property turn-offs

1. Caravan in the garden

2. Long or untidy lawn

3. Sheets in the window instead of curtains

4. Security bars on windows

5. Bins left out

6. Overgrown bushes

7. Stickers in the windows

8. Fading or broken exterior lights

9. Beware of the dog sign

10. Caravan in neighbours garden