Local pupils voice their political views

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Two Deeside and two Donside schools recently took part in an Aberdeenshire wide election project with a count taking place last Friday.

Aboyne, Alford, Banchory and Westhill Academies all participated in Aberdeenshire Schools Election Project, learning first hand the importance of democracy and voting.

The count took place at Mackie Academy in Stonehaven, with young people from all 17 of Aberdeenshire’s secondary schools, who came together to find out which party and candidate had won in each of the ‘constituencies’.

With 10,659 votes cast the turnout was a fantastic 75.9% .

Each school ran the contest for its own constituency, with pupils being able to stand for each of the 5 political parties represented in Holyrood: Scottish Labour, Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party, Scottish Liberal Democrats, Scottish National Party and the Scottish Green Party’s.

Banchory Academy elected the Conservatives Samuel Diamond with a majority 252 votes.

The other candidates participating were Mary-Jane Duncan (Greens) 139, Jamie McTaggart (SNP) 153, Emma Sibson (LibDems) 172.

Aboyne voted in Fiona Bull who was representing the SNP and gained 130 votes.

This was the closest vote of the day with conservative candidate Tara Dow gaining only two fewer votes (128).

The other candidates were Cara Blackhall (Labour) 89, Clara Gray (LibDems) 93, Grace Isabella Hally (Greens) 49.

Westhill Academy also elected a SNP candidate, William James Collins, who gained a whopping 195 votes out of 239 cast.

The other candidates were Ieuan Wyn George Harries (LibDems) 18, Kian Aidan Welsh (Conservatives) 26.

Last but not least, Alford Academy voted in Labour’s Rebecca Scherer with 133 votes.

The other candidates were Fabio Greatbatch (LibDems) 99, Taylor McConnachie (SNP) 95, Iona Scott (Conservative) 51, Joe Wilson (Greens) 53.

Overall constituencies won for Aberdeenshire were: Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party: 6, Scottish Labour Party: 3, Scottish Liberal Democrats: 1, Scottish Green Party: 1, Scottish National Party: 6.

Snp had the most overall votes on the day with 3592.

Aberdeenshire Council’s elections coordinator Allan Bell acted as returning officer and praised the efforts of all the pupils involved.