Locked out, locked in - and looked after by Dee-licious

I NEED A HERO: Thank you Anne and Tara
I NEED A HERO: Thank you Anne and Tara

Sometimes, at the end of the day after you’ve worked hard and the world is getting on top, you need a place to get a cup of coffee and recharge.

Sometimes, at the end of the day, after you’ve locked yourself out of the office while managing to lock your colleague in, you need a place to hold your head in your hands as you reflect upon your own stupidity.

For this Piper reporter that place was Dee-licious, Banchory High Street, on Thursday of last week.

While rapidly approaching quitting time, Tara and boss, Anne, took one look at my embarrassed face and sat me down with a coffee while I explained the ridiculous situation.

Between us, my fellow reporter Jon and I had one key. While I had been out investigating a story, operating under the fair assumption I would have a key to let him out with, he waved goodbye to the advertising staff and let them lock the office with him inside.

Jon and I spoke at length through the locked door, him yelling in the office, me shouting from Scott Skinner Square, then I called the office phone from my mobile and we discussed the issue at a more reasonable volume.

A locksmith was suggested but the issue of price was worrying. The only solution to our problem was either that Jon sleep in the office, or he scoured the phone book to find the home number of Alison, one of the ad staff.

We agreed on the second course of action, shrugged through the glass at one another and Jon went back to his desk, preferring work, to standing idle.

After I’d explained all this to Tara and Anne I was not met with the mockery I was expecting.

Instead, they stayed back late, I was given a coffee, put at ease and given sincere and genuine help.

Tara Gauld, and Anne Lockhart made it their mission to free the Piper reporter and, after half an hour of facebooking, had Alison’s home phone number.

Before I left to free Jon I gave the pair of heroines my sincerest thanks, which Tara modestly shrugged off with a smile.

She said: “If a person needs help and you can help them, I don’t see why you wouldn’t.”

Providing another example to this West Coaster of what a special community Deeside is.