Lost roll of honour returns

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A Donside cleric has unearthed a long-lost roll of honour hidden away for over 90 years under the pulpit of Lumsden Church.

The Reverend Brian Dingwall was having a clear out at Lumsden Church when he discovered the roll of honour at the back of the old church cupboard.

Reverend Dingwall saved the the mass of damp papers and photographs and later found them to be a collection of short biographies of local men who had served in World War One.

He said: “We did not even know there was a cupboard there, I don’t think it had been opened since the 1920s.

“When I found it and opened it up there were an awful lot of books and sheet music that were so wet they couldn’t be saved.

“Among all this was a lump of cardboard so wet it was black, but something made me keep hold of it when I saw a small corner for mounting photographs and it and it took me back to a memory photograph album I’d seen as a little boy.

“I carefully removed it and put it in the house where it took three months to dry out before I could open it up.

“It is an amazing piece of history which I was able to show to local people and a few elderly folk even remembered the men coming back from the war.”

Copies of the roll of honour will be kept at the local school and the church for all to see for years to come.

Reverend Dingwall has gifted the roll to Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives for

The archives department has made copies of the documents and which were presented to the church and Lumsden School as part of this year’s remembrance commemorations.

City Archivist Phil Astley said: “We feel privileged that Rev Dingwall has gifted this remarkable Roll of Honour to Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives for future preservation.

“By providing copies of it for the Lumsden area to access locally we hope that the names of those servicemen included in the roll will be remembered by

the community long after the First World War centenary commemorations are over.”