Lumsden’s Christmas show is a real treasure!

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Pupils from Lumsden School participated in their annual Christmas show last week.

Pirates of the Curry Bean was an ambitious extravaganza lasting almost two hours and involving every pupil in the school.

Captain Redbeard (Lea Berquier) kidnapped Pearl Periwinkle (Flora Melville) and took her aboard his ship, the Curry Bean.

They were hotly pursued by the crew of the Crunchy Frog, lead by Captain Cod (Will Emslie) and Admiral Horatio Hornhonker (Dean Gray) along with Jack Periwinkle (Willow Starkey) and Liza Periwinkle (Lauren Scorgie-Findlay).

The story ended on the island of Lumbago where treasure is found, as is Stanley Periwinkle – Pearl’s long lost husband.

Highlights of the show were the songs, the jokes and the mop dance. Everyone had a great time and all the Primary 1s want to know if they’ll have speaking parts next year.