Magical new venture for Storybook Glen

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The children’s magical fairytale land in Royal Deeside, Storybook Glen, will be changing within the next few months to accommodate rainy days as well as the sunny ones.

The 28-acre family park has now began work to transform the large garden centre/gift shop part of the tourist attraction at Maryculter into an indoor soft-play area for children named “Den at the Glen”.

The finals plans got the approval of Aberdeenshire Council last week and it will be transformed to include a large soft-play area and a new cafe.

Manager Jacqui Liddell said: “The weather has been so poor for so long, we haven’t had a decent summer for years and the weather can change so fast.

“I sometimes get people phoning me up from the likes of Dundee asking if it’s a dry day up here and I can say yes, only for it to start pouring heavily within half an hour and they’re already on their way up.

“So soon we’ll be able to offer a place where children can get the benefit of the outdoors and run around enjoying fresh air as well as somewhere to play indoors if the weather turns nasty. Or, of course, just a soft play area for children to come to.

“There’s also the fact that many children’s grandparents look after them and bring them to Storybook Glen for a day out, but they’re sometimes not fit and able to run around after them outside for too long, so it gives them the option of going indoors instead, or visiting both.

When asked whether customers will be sad to see the garden centre go, Ms Liddell said: “I have had quite a few people say that to me but, basically, if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. Many of the customers in the garden centre are people who are visiting Storybook Glen anyway and not just coming to the shop.”

Ms Liddell said that when it’s dry and sunny it’s still very busy and also added that the new indoor soft play area will be designed mainly for under 10s.

She also added that the garden centre area will be closing within around a month’s time as they are currently selling off their stock at hugely reduced prices.