Making Banchory​ bonnie again

This year’s annual Spring Bulb planting organised by Bonnie Banchory will take place on Sunday, October 28, from 2pm-4pm.

The Bonnie Banchory team are planning to plant thousands more daffodil bulbs in various locations around town and would like as many members of the community as possible to join them.

There will be three meeting points - the Bellfield Car Park for planting at the putting green on Dee street; Banchory Primary School for planting at the junction of Heathrow and Deeview Road and Hill of Banchory School for planting at the grassy bank at the new Hill of Banchory business centre.

Bonnie Banchory committee member Margaret Paterson said: “We hope that as many people turn out on the day. We’d like volunteers to come along to the site that is most convenient for them on the day.

“Hopefully the sun will shine but whatever the weather on the day, please come dressed appropriately, bring a spade and a bucket if possible and gardening gloves are extremely useful too. We are looking forward to a productive afternoon and come the spring, the whole community benefits when they see the results!”