Massive moggy proves he’s a super slimmer at SSPCA

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An obese cat has proven to be a super slimmer after losing almost half his body weight during a year of a strict diet and exercise.

When Mr Pickles was found as a stray in Aberdeen last summer he weighed a whopping 12kgs - nearly two stone.

But after a year of extra exercise and healthy eating at the Scottish SPCA’s rescue centre in Drumoak he is now only 6.5kgs.

Assistant manager Debbie Innes said: “We’re all so proud of Mr Pickles for reaching his goal weight.

“Normally when we find strays they are thin and bedraggled- but Mr Pickles was severely obese.

“We thought that people must have been killing him with kindness or that he had been living in the basement of a posh hotel.

“He’s a totally different cat now.”

Debbie said that after finding the chubby moggy, staff at the Drumoak rescue centre resorted to feeding him small portions of cat food and taking him on walks in a harness.

She said: “The way that a cat’s metabolism works means that putting him on a crash diet could have killed him, so we were sure to make it very gradual. We reduced his food and now he has just one small bowl of cat food in the morning and a bowl of water. No treats.

“It’s a chicken and egg situation- now that he’s thinner he has more energy and enthusiasm to exercise.

“He has been spending a lot of time out of the cattery and in our staff room to help him get a bit more exercise, so while he is half the cat he was, he is also doubly as active.”

Unlike the other residents at Drumoak, Mr Pickles is not up for adoption. Having made his home at the Deeside facility, he’s there to stay.

Debbie said: “Everyone has totally fallen in love with Mr Pickles so we’re all really glad he’s sticking around.”

Obesity in cats can cause a number of health problems.

Debbie added: “Being too heavy can put enormous strain on their hearts. It’s extremely important owners keep their cats at a healthy weight. Anyone concerned that their pet may be overweight should consult their vet.”