Mexican Doritos advert comes alive in Dinnet

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You may have seen the television advert for Doritos where a Mariachi band perform the Human League classic “Don’t You Want Me Baby” in a living room during a house party in Richmond.

Well this advert became almost a reality when the starring band performed at the Loch Kinord Hotel in Dinnet last Friday (1 February).

The Mariachi Mexteca, who are based in London, were the official Mariachi for the Pepsico for Doritos campaign - Mariachi Doritos.

And last week they swapped their celebrity parties and Royal family events for the small village of Dinnet.

Owner of the Loch Kinord Hotel Andrew Cox said: “We’ve been at the hotel for fifteen years and we took it out of receivership. We made implements and the hotel is a key part of the community and very involved in it, so we felt we should celebrate the time we’ve been here. We’d planned to have it on a certain night and I phoned up to see if Mariachi Mexteca were free and they said they were, so then it just happened from there!

“They were absolutely fantastic on the night and everyone had a great time. We went all out and everyone dressed in ponchos and sombreros and we made it as Mexican themed as we could.”

The Mariachi Mexteca will be performing at this year’s BAFTAs and their Doritos advertisements are proving to be a big success.

Mariachi Mexteca’s Doritos campaign “Mariachi Doritos” sees the five amigos on a mission to bring all the fun of a Mexican fiesta to the UK and have toured the country to bring their Mexican entertainment to different parties, filming them along the way.

The campaign also saw them perform a version of East 17’s “Stay Another Day” for a television advert at around Christmas time.