Michael earns his wings

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Cadet Sergeant Michael Probyn of 2367 (Banchory) Squadron has completed his Gliding Scholarship at RAF Kinloss and has been awarded his silver GS wings.

Since August this year, Michael has been spending weekends at 663 Volunteer Gliding Squadron (VGS) at RAF Kinloss in Morayshire where, along with other cadets from the North of Scotland, he has undertaken a Gliding Scholarship course, courtesy of the Air Training Corps.

Gliding Scholarships are provided free of charge to selected air cadets aged 16 or over and are designed to bring the student up from having no flying experience whatsoever to being able to fly a circuit round the airfield unassisted or, weather permitting, unaccompanied. In the case of 663VGS at Kinloss, this training takes place on the Vigilant T1 motor glider and consists of essential ground studies, tests and at least eight hours of flying.

This week saw the culmination of that training, with Michael flying a circuit of the airfield at RAF Kinloss in tricky conditions and landing the aircraft safely.

He has now been awarded his silver GS wings which he will wear proudly on his uniform and he has been recommended to attend the VGS on an Advanced Gliding Training (AGT) course in the future.

Should Michael go on to undertake an AGT course he can expect to learn more advanced gliding techniques and could potentially progress to being a member of staff on the gliding squadron as he advances through the training.

To get in touch with Banchory Air Cadets directly, e-mail: 2367@aircadets.org or call (01330) 825567. Details can also be found at http://www.2367sqn.org.uk/.

For more information on the Air Training Corps, visit http://www.raf.mod.uk/aircadets/