Michael’s 17-year wait for kidney swap finally over


A young Deesider, who has been awaiting a kidney transplant since he was born 17 years ago, has been given a date for the operation.

Michael Reed suffers from chronic renal failure, undergoing his first operation at three weeks old.

At the age of two he had part of his left kidney removed after doctors discovered it had never functioned while his right kidney was working at only 35-40%.

It has been a long wait for Michael and his mum/donor Tula Smout who were due to go ahead with the transplant in autumn 2011.

As reported in the Piper at the time, Michael’s creatinine levels - which help measure kidney function - were very high at the start of the year, so doctors began pre-emptive transplant tests and procedures.

Doctors told Tula they would not let Michael’s creatinine levels exceed 400 and they were measured at 363, but then they dropped to 292.

Now Tula and Michael have been given an operation date of next Wednesday, April 30 ,at the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh.

They travel on Tuesday.