Mike’s MBE is an accolade for the Transport Museum


An Alford man is the latest Donsider to have been recognised with an MBE in the Queen’s birthday honours list last month.

Mike Ward, curator of the Grampian Transport Museum, was delighted after being contacted by the cabinet office and asked if he would accept an MBE for “Services to tourism and culture in Aberdeenshire.”

Mike, who has worked at the museum for 30 years, explained that the award was as much a recognition of the museum as it was of himself.

He said: “What it means, I think, is it’s a recognition of how the museum has moved forward and become a valuable resource in Aberdeenshire.”

The popular tourist destination opened in 1983 after the Grampian Transport Museum Association was formed.

A strong lobby from the village of Alford and the availability of land around the old railway terminus located the fledgling project in its current home.

Run by a board of trustees and staffed by volunteers, Mike say’s he wouldn’t trade a moment of his career there.

“Thirty years sounds like a long time but every day is different...you never know what’s around the corner.

‘‘It’s been a fantastically enjoyable and engaging opportunity.”

Now waiting to be invited to London, as tradition dictates, Mike is looking forward to being the first member of his family to meet the Queen.

He said: “I think we’ll make a bit of a holiday out of it with friends and family.”