Moley returns home

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Following an appeal in The Piper a Donside dog has been found safe and well.

His owner Kate Gieben, who lives in Cragievar, got in touch last week to say that her 10 year-old Border Terrier had returned home.

Kate said: “Thank you so much for putting my story in the paper - my Moley’s turned up!

“He walked in to the house where we’d been staying when he got lost, very tired and very skinny, but fine.

“I think he must have been stuck down a rabbit hole and could only get out when he’d lost a good bit of weight.

“He’s now eating enough for three mastiffs and absolutely fine! I took him to the vet when I got home and he got a clean bill of health.

“I am so thrilled, and although he turned up on his own, there was a massive effort to find him by lots of people around the Craigievar, Muir of Fowlis, Alford area and beyond.

“I had offers of help from Ellon and Huntly too, through a marvellous website called lostdogsuk, and a sister site called dogslostscotland.

“People have been so kind on the whole - apart from the bloke who tried to extort money from me.”