Monymusk retains the green flag!


Monymusk School maintained its Green Flag Eco Schools status, after an assessment by Eco Schools Scotland earlier in the month.

The school has already earned two Green Flags. All pupils are involved in eco activities on a daily basis and all contribute to achieving success in the ten topics set out by Eco Schools Scotland.

They recently took part in the new pictorial audit, from which the current session’s action plan was created, linked to these topics.

Activities include rebuilding the bottle greenhouse, nature walks, composting projects, including composting kitchen waste, and general playground and wildlife area maintenance, including pruning, pond cleaning, litter picking, planting seeds and growing vegetables as part of the Super Spud project.

The school’s extra-curricular Envirogroup, open to P4-7 pupils (of which nearly half of the P4-7 pupils are members) regularly share their achievements with the rest of the school, and invite parents, carers and members of the community to take part in events.