More ‘Men’s Sheds’ in store for Aberdeenshire

Westhill Men's Shed Opening
Westhill Men's Shed Opening

Westhill ‘Men’s Shed’ was given it’s official opening by Aberdeenshire Provost Jill Webster on Friday of last week.

The project, which started in February, has attracted more than 1000 visitors, proving so successful that other ‘Men’s Sheds’ are now planned for Aberdeenshire.

Provost Webster said: “The facility in Westhill has made a big difference to the lives of people who attend there. The men either work on their own projects or on projects that can benefit the community. Hopefully, in a few years, ‘Men’s Sheds will be common place throughout Scotland.”

Projects at the shed, including the restoration of a stand-alone engine and water pump, are conducted purely for the challenge and enjoyment of the technical work they entail.

Other work provides a direct benefit to members of the local community, as in the case of a ‘friendship bench’ being constructed for a local primary school, or a set of raised flowerbeds for a retired local gardener.

The idea behind the Westhill Men’s Shed started when doctors, community organisers, and carers shared a concern over the lack of activities for older men and the resulting deterioration in their health and wellbeing.

Councillor Ron McKail said: “The success of the ‘Men’s Shed’ has shown just how much the local community needed this type of project.”