Motorcyclists invited to Alford event

Road Safety Grampian will be on hand to offer advice to motorcyclists at the Motorcycle Convention being held at the Grampian Transport Museum in Alford on Sunday (September 2).

Officers say they hope to meet bikers at the event and pass on information that might reduce the chances of them becoming involved in a road collision and thus avoid the heartache that an incident on the roads can cause.

Constable Neil Robertson from Road Safety Grampian said: “Over the last month or so, the Grampian area has seen a number of road collisions involving motorcyclists. Some of these collisions could probably have been avoided.

“Road Safety Grampian are continuing to tackle this issue through ‘Operation Zenith’ which was launched in 2010. The main thrust of the operation is to encourage motorcyclists to improve their skills through advanced training.

“Unfortunately some bikers can drive too fast and treat the roads like a race track. They forget that there may be a hazard round the next corner such as a stationary or manoeuvring vehicle, or mud on the road. Other common factors in motorcycle collisions are poor observations, or poor positioning and control of the bike.”

Road Safety Grampian will have their sponsored Honda motorbikes on display at the convention and visitors will have the opportunity to try the brake reaction timer and a Honda Motorcycle simulator.

Some motorcycling ‘freebies’ will also be handed out.

Application forms and further information regarding the BikeSafe Scotland events can be obtained on the Grampian Police website or at motorcycling outlets.