Move to help the vulnerable

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Aberdeenshire is to be given a new family protection committee.

It follows on from the disbandment of the former North East of Scotland Child Protection Committee (NESCPC).

They aim to put multi-agency arrangements in place to protect vulnerable children at risk of abuse and adults at risk of domestic violence.

A report is going before councillors on Aberdeenshire Council’s Education, Learning and Leisure Committee today (Thursday) and the Social Work and Housing Committee next week (Thursday, March 28).

The report outlines the role of the new committee and proposes that it is chaired by the Director of Housing and Social Work, Ritchie Johnson.

In summer 2012, the NESCPC agreed to disband in response to a range of issues such as the creation of a single police force as well as increased responsibility for child care and protection lying within Community Planning Partnerships in local authority areas.

There will continue to be a North-east approach to some aspects of protecting children, although primary responsibility will now lie with services within council boundary areas.

Additionally, services in Aberdeenshire have taken this opportunity to streamline arrangements for people at risk of harm by placing child protection and domestic violence obligations within one committee.

The new committee is part of a larger framework of ‘Public Protection’ arrangements whose overall aim is to prevent harm to vulnerable groups and which involves working with both victims and perpetrators.

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