MP wants to raise tax threshold

Sir Robert Smith, MP for West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine, has called on the Prime Minister to reduce tax for average earners in the UK by raising the level at which people start paying income tax.

Sir Robert pressed the point during Prime Ministers Questions: “Does the Prime Minister agree that one of the best ways to deliver on our commitment to the fairness agenda is to go ahead as quickly as possible in implementing the coalition agreement to raise the tax threshold to £10,000.”

Speaking afterwards Sir Robert said: “As a Liberal Democrat, I believe it is important that the tax system is as fair as possible.

“We fought the last election on the manifesto commitment that we would raise the tax threshold to £10,000.

“This would be worth an extra £700 a year for hard-working families and it would also boost the economy.

“The coalition government has already ensured that 23 million people have been given a tax cut worth £200 this year and this cut will be worth £340 next year. 800,000 people have been removed from paying income tax altogether.”