Mum runs in daughter’s memory

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An Aboyne woman whose toddler daughter died very suddenly last year has run a fundraising half-marathon in her memory.

Louise Burge completed the Heaven & Hell half-marathon - her first - in Perth on Sunday (April 8) in 2h 7m, in aid of the Scottish SPCA’s new centre at Drumoak.

After several months of fundraising, Louise, who is married to Kevin, has raised £2,700, with cash still being donated.

Having previously volunteered at the Scottish SPCA centre at Drumoak, she knew just how much they relied on financial donations.

“We have been raising funds to build a new animal shelter at the Scottish SPCA centre in Drumoak, in memory of Margaux, our daughter, who sadly passed away last October from sudden death in epilepsy,” said Louise, of Charlton Crescent.

“Margaux loved animals and regularly visited the centre, from where her bunny, Bernie, was adopted, and that is why we chose this local charity to raise money for.”

Margaux was just 14 months old when she died.

“She had a couple of episodes of seizures and she had episodes where she went to hospital with febrile convulsions,” said housewife Louise, 30. “We were told that’s what they were, which seemed very plausible.

“Nobody suggested it was epilepsy. People said it was just what happened and she’d grow out of it - non-damaging and non-fatal.

“We thought it was down to a virus she kept getting, though she didn’t seem to be unwell. Sadly, she died in her cot. It was so unexpected.

“The cause of death came back as sudden death in epilepsy but when we spoke to the pathologist, it wasn’t epilepsy, but an epilepsy-type condition - there’s hundreds of them and it’s very difficult to pinpoint it.

“The symptoms would’ve pointed to febrile convulsions.

“What I would like to make clear though is that all her village doctors here and in Aberdeen did a brilliant job and everybody we saw was wonderful - there was no mis-diagnosis.”