Museum gears up for its 30th season

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The Grampian Transport Museum, which is about to launch its 30th season, is offering charging points for visitors arriving in electric vehicles.

The points, provided by Zero Carbon World, were deemed an exciting new innovation following the first flurry of EV arrivals last season.

The Alford-based museum opened in its current premises in 1983 following a two-year viability study in a rented factory unit.

In that time, it has grown into a popular visitor facility and an important educational resource.

Between 45,000 and 62,000 visitors attend the site every season.

For this season, a more informal arrangement for displaying motorcycles has been developed and, as usual, it features some real classics, both humble and exotic - for the first time a Honda SS50 and the very last Vincent off the production line.

Apart from a good selection of horse-drawn, steam, commercial and motorcar exhibits, the exhibition develops several themes: Coaching Era, Motor Spirit (the story of the parallel development of the car and oil industry), Cycles Chronology, Cars for the Future and, new for 2012, a history of the Alford Valley Railway, the branch line, with Alford as its terminus.

The high visitor numbers achieved by the GTM are due in part to the policy of renewal of around 30% of the displays every season. This is made possible by loans, mostly of vehicles, from local enthusiasts, companies and other museums.

The museum opens on Sunday at 10am and to encourage family groups, every paying adult can now take in two children free of charge.