Need for speed causes crash

Bike accident
Bike accident

A motorcyclist has had a lucky escape after coming off his bike at tremendous speed on the Cairn O’Mount road.

Piper photographer Iain McDonagh happened to be on the road at the time and witnessed the events leading up to the crash.

Iain said: “I was travelling from Aboyne to Johnshaven on Saturday, and went over the Cairn O’Mount road.

‘‘I was about half a mile from the summit, driving at about 60mph, when this sports motorbike flew past me - and I mean flew - he was tanking it.

‘‘As I drove further on round the bend I found him off his bike, crashed.”

Iain then stopped his car, approached the biker and found that he’d broken his arm and potentially his wrist.

The backroads of Deeside and Donside have a high mortality rate for motorcycle riders, with several being killed over the summer on the rural byways.

Iain said: “The only thing I could think of was to shout at him for driving like an idiot and putting other people’s lives at risk, which he answered with ‘I know.’”

Two other motorcyclists stopped soon afterwards.

An ambulance and police arrived and officers took a statement from Iain concerning the incident.