New award gets added to Bonnie Banchory display

editorial image

Visitors to Banchory Library will now be able to see the Silver Award certificate presented to Bonnie Banchory (BB) by Keep Scotland Beautiful for their entry into the 2010 Scotland in Bloom Campaign.

Cecilia Rogers, a BB committee member, said: “The award was won by the hard work and support given to Bonnie Banchory by Banchory residents, companies and organisations, and the Library is an ideal place for it to be placed.”

The certificate joins the Green Butterfly Award presented to the Banchory bags Campaign and the 2009 Neighbourhood Award won by Bonnie Banchory.

Liz Gervaise and Pompa Banergee, Librarians, said that the library was delighted to hang these awards in a place where they can be viewed by all the community.

Pictured are Cecilia Rogers presenting the certificate to the librarians.