New classes trialled

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Mid Deeside Ltd (MDL) has teamed up with Aberdeenshire Council’s Community Learning and Development (CLD) service to trial a new approach to community education on Deeside.

The pilot project will see the community company delivering evening and other adult education classes in Aboyne and the surrounding area.

If successful, it is likely this approach could be expanded across other areas of Aberdeenshire.

Changing Scottish Government priorities have meant that CLD staff are required to focus on targeted areas of work such as adult literacy, rather than delivering a broadly-based programme of classes open to all.

As MDL is not bound by these priorities, it can fill what is seen as a real gap in the provision of community-based education.

Chairman of MDL, councillor Peter Argyle said: “We are hoping to establish a full programme of classes that will be flexible and affordable and which will meet the needs of the whole community.

“If this proposal works out, there will be opportunities for everyone to learn a new skill, a new language or brush up on subjects they have studied previously. “We also hope that this will be informal and will be a social opportunity as well as an educational one.”

As a first step, MDL would like to hear from anyone who might be interested in tutoring classes. Although rates of pay and conditions have yet to be established, expressions of interest would be welcomed. No formal qualifications will be required.

The hope is to have a broad range of classes on offer from September 2012, not only in languages and computing but in DIY-type skills, art or local history.

Peter Argyle added: “If we can find willing tutors, we will be able to devise a programme and test whether this is something that would be of interest to people locally. I know there are many skilled and talented people in the area and hope that some would be interested in sharing their skills with others.”

Anyone interested should call the MDL office on (013398) 82555 and leave their contact details as soon as possible.