New council leaders visit Royal Deeside

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Aberdeenshire council’s new co-leaders paid a visit to ward 15 last week to further understand what issues most concerned the constituents.

Council leaders Martin Kitts-Hayes and Richard Thomson were invited to the district by councillor Geva Blackett who showed them around Ballater, Aboyne and Braemar among other areas.

Speaking while visiting Braemar Castle, councillor Thomson said it was important to learn about the local issues:

“Geva has been showing us the ward so that we can better understand the local issues that are pertinent to the people here.

“The good news, the success stories and also some of the challenges that we can take away and hopefully try and make some progress on.

“It’s been a fantastic day and a great opportunity to learn more about what makes this particular part of Aberdeenshire tick.”

Councillor Kitts-Hayes echoed his co-leaders remarks:

“The key thing for us as a new administration is to try and get a fresh look at where the council is going and what our key priorities are.

“Part of the visit, this being the first of many, is to talk to the local councillors and see what their issues are.

“We will be formulating our strategic approach for the next two years and we want to identify some key areas that we need to concentrate on.

“Geva was the first to invite us to her ward so it’s been good to come down and find out just what the local issues are.

“It’s important for the local members to have there concerns raised at the council and I think in the past that has been quite difficult because you tend to concentrate on the big strategic stuff and forget about the locals.”