New Deputy Custodian at Dunnotar Castle

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Martin Gray has recently taken on the role as the new Deputy Custodian at Dunnottar Castle.

He grew up in Stonehaven and lives there with his wife Shelley and their two children, who are three and eight years old.

Career-wise, Martin comes from an oil industry background, and was looking for a change of career to a more fulfilling role in the local community.

He was successful in an application process which saw people from as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, China and America all hoping to land the job at the beautiful Dunnottar Castle.

Custodian Jim Wands said: “Martin is a local lad and he has fond memories of visiting the Castle while growing up here and is a regular visitor with his own children.

“We are all looking forward to working with him.”

Speaking to The Leader, Martin said he was excited to be taking on the role.

“I saw the job advert come up on the Castle’s Facebook page and immediately thought it was a great opportunity.

“I didn’t think I stood much chance of getting it since I had no background in tourism.

“I’ve been visiting the Castle all my life and I’m thrilled to be working here.”