New flats for over 55s in Banchory

Tuesday, 15th March 2016, 10:59 am
Updated Tuesday, 15th March 2016, 11:03 am
An artist rendition of the flats to be built

The Marr Area Committee meeting accepted council planning officers’ recommendation to approve plans for flats in Banchory at Moraig, 103 Station Road.

As part of the plans, an existing one-and-a-half floor dwelling house is to be demolished.

The block of nine flats - six, two bedroom flats and three, one bedroom ones - will be developed by Banchory architect Matthew W Merchant.

The applicant aims to market the development for the over 55s community, however planning officers made clear to the committee that this is not something that the council guarantee and as such were simply asked to approve the building in and of itself.

Concerns were raised over the impact the height of the building, a two-and-a-half story property, will have on nearby buildings via overshadowing them.

In a detailed outline, it was found that only in during sunrise and sunset in the depths of winter will there be any significant effect on nearby housing.

The council received several letters both in support and opposed to the proposals (nine for and 13 against).

In one of the letters, it was stated that the proposal was “outrageous” as Moraig is a “lovely original Banchory building on the main road. Nine flats on that land will look disgusting and not in keeping with that section of road”.

Councillor Jill Webster took these concerns into consideration, asking it to be recommended to the developer that the building gets erected using red granite.

Councillor Karen Clark said that she did not think it the new building would make a “massive difference” to Banchory and that there are similar properties in the area, showing precedence.

Traffic in the area was also a consideration, with there being a cemetery nearby which results in the road being used for parking when there is a funeral.

However, new access and on site parking spaces will be built on the grounds in the hope that this will alleviate any potential traffic concerns on the busy road.