New horizons at Muir of Dinnet

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A new viewpoint has been opened at the Muir of Dinnet national nature reserve after the old one was removed towards the end of last year.

The new viewpoint at the Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) reserve is made with local timber from nearby nature reserve, Glen Tanar, and boasts interpretation panels and boulder seating.

The panels show what visitors can see from the viewpoint, as well as giving information about what is in store on other trails at Muir of Dinnet. The viewpoint is behind the Burn o Vat.

Catriona Reid, Muir of Dinnet reserve manager, said: “We have a great view over Loch Kinord at the reserve, but the old viewpoint was over 12 years old and a bit worse for wear.

“We wanted something more interesting than the usual post-and-rail, and the new set-up makes enjoying the wonderful view even more fun and should give visitors all the information they need to fully enjoy the reserve. I hope it will encourage people to explore the reserve even more.

“I’d like to thank the great group of volunteers who helped us dismantle the old viewpoint, wielding crowbars and hammers. It was hard work, but the results have been more than worth it!”

Muir of Dinnet NNR was shaped by retreating glaciers at the end of the last ice age around 15,000 years ago.

The most striking feature is the ‘Vat’ - a giant pothole some 25 metres across formed by the glacial meltwaters.

At the heart of the reserve are Lochs Davan and Kinord, with their near pure water, bogs and fens providing ideal habitat for a wide mix of species from rare water beetles to otters.