New parking system at ARI

New car parking arrangements – designed to make it easier for patients to park – came into effect at Foresterhill Health Campus on Tuesday.

Under the new arrangements, patients are able to park in the main or ‘core’ site, ideally as close to the ward or clinic they will be attending as possible.

Staff have been recruited to main entrance points and direct traffic, while number plate recognition technology will be used to monitor car park activity.

There will be no charge for parking at Foresterhill Health Campus, or any NHS Grampian sites, in line with Scottish Government policy.

Gary Mortimer, Estates general manager, said: “We know car parking is a big issue for patients coming to Foresterhill Health Campus. These changes are aimed at making it easier for patients to get parked.

“Any outpatient coming to the site should bring their appointment letter. Staff at the entrances on Westburn Road, Foresterhill Road and Cornhill Road will then direct them to the appropriate parking spaces.

“We understand that some patients may have to attend several appointments in a short period of time and we’ve allocated specific spaces to them, which are clearly marked.

“Our advice to day case patients or anyone coming for a planned overnight stay is to leave the car and arrange to be dropped off and collected.”

A public information leaflet, which includes a map of the site, has been produced and will be sent out with all in-patient and out-patient appointment letters. The leaflet will also be available at GP surgeries, healthpoints, libraries and a range of other public venues.

Staff parking has been reorganised to ensure NHS Grampian employees have access to protected parking.

The large scale car park and part of the tarmac car park will be available to staff only and members of the public will not be able to access these areas. Visitors will be directed to the other part of the tarmac car park. There will be no other parking available on site to visitors and blue badge holders will be able to access the main site as before.

In advance of the new arrangments, a shuttle bus service was launched. Two services operate; one transports passengers around the Foresterhill Health Campus site, with the other links with Woodend, Royal Cornhill and Woolmanhill Hospitals.

These free services are available for both staff and members of the public and timetables are available on the NHS Grampian website.

Parking staff will carry out regular patrols to ensure car parks are being used correctly. Any member of the public or NHS Grampian staff found parking in the wrong area or inappropriately or dangerously will face a civil parking remedy (parking fine).

The new parking controls will be in place Monday-Friday, between 6.30am-4pm.

At all other times patients and visitors may park in any clearly marked space, except those marked ‘Emergency Rapid Response’ which should be kept clear at all times.