New winter campaign

Police in Aberdeenshire are gearing up for this year’s festive season by initiating their ‘Winter Safer Streets’ campaign.

The high-visibility patrols will see the local officers clamp down on anti-social behaviour and violence throughout the five-week campaign, which began last Friday (December 7).

During this period, police officers and community wardens will be dedicated to foot patrols in specified areas and will adopt a zero tolerance approach to crimes and offences that occur in the area of their patrols.

This is the first winter campaign where police officers in Aberdeenshire will wear body worn video cameras as both a deterrent to crime and anti-social behaviour and as a tool to capture evidence of such conduct should it occur.

Aberdeenshire Council licensing standards officers will be out on key dates to conduct joint visits to licensed premises.

These high visibility patrols will provide reassurance, deter offenders and together with the licensing checks should minimise the potential for disorder, enabling all to enjoy the festivities during the forthcoming busy period.

Commander for Aberdeenshire Division, Chief Superintendent Mark McLaren said: “We are very pleased that our local policing teams will once again work with partners to ensure that alcohol related violence and antisocial behaviour is minimised and that people can enjoy the various events on offer in Aberdeenshire.

“Our zero tolerance approach is not about us preventing people from enjoying themselves, but ensuring that the minority do not get the opportunity to ruin it for those who are looking to go out and enjoy themselves over the festive period.”

William Munro Chair of the Aberdeenshire Community Safety Executive said: “The coordinated partnership approach used during this festive campaign has proved very successful in the past and we hope to create a safe environment for people to be able to go out and enjoy the festivities without encountering anti-social behaviour.”