NHS Grampian Number Change

From July 1 2015, all NHS Grampian numbers which start with 0845 will now begin with 0345.

The change means, for example, that the main switchboard number for NHS Grampian, which was 0845 456 6000, becomes 0345 456 6000. Unlike 0845 prefix numbers, 0345 numbers are charged at standard, local landline rates and are included in consumer call packages.

The switch also complies with Cabinet Office and Scottish Government directives that public sector organisations must have a contact number that is included in consumer call packages and must cost no more than a local call.

The 0845 code was used for a range of services in NHS Grampian, including the Dental Advice Line and Feedback service and appears in a variety of formats, from websites to leaflets. The new 0345 code will be highlighted on the NHS Grampian website www.nhsggrampan.org from July 1 and the new code will replace the use of 0845 on other formats. Anyone dialling the 0845 prefix numbers will hear a message asking them to redial using 0345.